Biker Armored-Racer leather Jacket

Biker Armored-Racer Leather Jacket,

Leather jacket for both Men and Women

Biker Armored-Racer Leather Jacket:

  1. Biker Armored-Racer Leather Jacket is made of NATURAL PERFORATED COW NATURAL GRAIN LEATHER: this quality combines supreme durability with a wide range of flexibility for free-moving comfort. Cracking, tearing, and moisture are not a problem for the leather. Its supple, soft texture ages beautifully, fits the body, and maintains its shape (1.2mm).
  2. Leather Jacket with removable and external armors are placed on the shoulders and elbows, along with five removable armor pieces.
  3. Waterproof Motor Bike Suit is Durable leather that resists cracking, tearing, and moisture as well as cracking, tearing, and moisture.
  4. Shells constructed from single injections have an integrated grid structure on the back that absorbs and dissipates the force of impact. Perforations throughout the shells ensure maximum air ventilation and breathability

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Material: Leather

Material Composition: Cowhide leather

Style: Jacket

Fit Type: Universal

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